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Yet Another dia2sql  v.0.9.5

Yet another tool to generate SQL statements from Dia XML files: CREATE TABLE, CREATE VIEW, CREATE TRIGGER, INSERT INTO, GRAND TABLE, and REVOKE. Defined automatically INDEXes, PRIMARY and FOREIGN KEYs. Generates automatically Tables for N:N

YetiPKI  v.1.0

Scripts for manage X509 certificates: - create CAs - sign requests and revoke certificates - ocsp responser

AssureFiles Secure File Sharing  v.

Secure File Sharing With Digital Rights Management.Safeguard file sharing without boundaries. Dynamically control file access,grant or revoke the file access control at any time even files were shared. Keep tracking and auditing to the shared files.

Interbase Query  v.5.1.0

This tool allows completely manage any Interbase >5.x/Firebird database. It is based on Borland IBX components. It contains following modules: -SQL Editor 1.It contains SQL Editor with syntax highlighting with Result Buffer. You can run any type of

Utility FBMetaData  v.

FBMetaData is a graphical user interface to the popular Firebird database system. At the opening screen you will be welcomed by 13 options. These options allow you to: Open a connection to a Firebird database, create/remove indexes, create/remove

Django-pki  v.0.10.4

This project aims to simplify the installation and management of your personal CA infrastructure.

PhpRADmin  v.0.01-pre-alpha

phpRADmin is a Web tool to allow configuration, administration, and provisioning of a RADIUS server.

WinGPG  v.1.0.3

Free encryption tool with simple and powerful interface to protect your data. Its open source software based on GPG public-key cryptography to encrypt/decrypt files and sign/verify digital signatures. Its free to download and easy to use.

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